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Company: Escapology


R City Mall, Store Number - T34, Lal Bahadur Shastri Marg, Ghatkoper West; Mumbai - 400086, India ()

022-67085498; 022-67085497; 8879978888

Next to Indigo Deli Restaurant & Punjab Grill Restaurant

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The scriptures believe that soul is omnipresent, only the body is mortal.So what happens to our souls? Where does the Soul go? Does the Soul really goes on to reside in the Soul Tree? So what if modern technology threatens the very essence of human souls? What if some humans created a parallel world of Avatars to capture the Soul Tree? What will you do to save the SOUL Tree? Will you swap your Avatar and save the Tree of Souls?
But hurry if you don’t return in SIXTY MINUTES you may not be able to Return back to your own Avatar & your Soul will be lost forever! So what are you waiting for? Remember the Clock is always ticking!