Escape game The Tomb[Closed]

Company: Riddle Room


Raheja Arcade, B18, Basement, Koramangala ()


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While digging in the Egyptian desert, archeologist Jack Hunstman stumbles upon what appears to be a piece of a prism. Unknowingly he might just have found the very thing that could reveal secrets dating back to almost 3000 years that were buried deep within the pyramids. According to legend, the golden capstone, split into 6 pieces, held mysterious powers that were passed on to the pharaohs that found them. Ramesses – the last successful pharaoh of Egypt is rumored to have taken it to his grave and ensured that his tomb be filled with deceptions and enchantments created by the mastermind architect – Imhotep. Many have spent their lives in search of the prism but in vain. Having made it far enough, Hunstman ropes in your team to help him navigate through the pharaoh’s tomb in search of the remaining pieces. Dodging the trickery that encompasses the pharaoh’s tomb, your team is faced with quite the challenge. Walls with unending stories that makes no sense, whispers advancing from somewhere in the dark and the dreadful feeling of something crawling up your back. With just an hour to the clock, will your team be able to locate the remaining pieces before the oxygen in the tomb slowly fades away leaving you sealed in for eternity?

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