Escape game Curse of the Pharaoh

Company: Breakout Escape Games


#27, NMR Building, 100 Feet Road, Koramangala, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560047 ()

+91 95353 05656

1st floor, Intermediate Ring Road, opposite to HDFC Bank.

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According to an ancient Egyptian myth, Nefreko, the second son of Pharaoh Semerkhet, greedy for power, in about 2300 BCE cast a dark spell on the righteous heir to the throne of Egypt, Pharaoh Zurin, and turned him to stone.

You are a team of archaeologists who come across some artifacts that date back to the time of Nefreko when excavating in different parts of Egypt. During your research, you come across the whereabouts of the tomb and that the key to the chamber of treasures was placed with Zurin. The tomb where Zurin is guarded by Seth and you can only enter once in a generation on the day when the 3 Gods come together. Today is that day and you decide to create history by freeing Zurin and in return be rewarded with the treasures.

You have only 60 minutes to enter and leave the tomb alive. You need to muster all the courage to fend off the dark forces and escape out alive.

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