Escape game Operation Chimera[Closed]

Company: Riddle Room


No. 75, Silverwood Regency Apartment, Hosa Rd, Valliyamma Layout, Kasavanahalli, Karnataka 560035 ()

+91 95351 57638

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When the Romanian government captures members of Dr. Hanz’s terrorist organization, he swears revenge by unleashing a deadly virus on innocent citizens. Geneticist Nicolai, tasked with concocting the antidote, goes missing as soon as he arrives at the formula and leaves behind a ransacked lab.

As the Romanian government starts to lose hope, they receive intel that the formula stolen by Dr. Hanz’s lackeys was the wrong one!

Seizing their last opportunity, the officials send your team to Nicolai’s secret laboratory. With just 45 minutes to retrieve the correct formula, your team faces a challenge unlike any you’ve seen before.

Will you be able to recover the right formula in time to prevent the virus or be witness to Dr. Hanz’s brutality?

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