Escape game Serial Killer's Lair[Closed]

Company: Riddle Room

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5.0 / 5

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No. 75, Silverwood Regency Apartment, Hosa Rd, Valliyamma Layout, Kasavanahalli, Karnataka 560035 ()

+91 95351 57638

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You and your family find yourselves trapped in a dingy warehouse. The room tells a terrifying tale of previous residents who met untimely, gruesome deaths.

As descendants of Bangalore’s notorious mafia kingpin, your family enjoyed top spot in the city’s food chain. Power, money and not a threat in sight. Until that fateful day when news broke that a woman’s tortured body was found in an abandoned dumpster. News outlets are quick to point the finger at your cousin, known for his careless antics.

Now you find yourself kidnapped, locked and awaiting certain death. Unknown to anyone, behind the kidnapping is a serial killer, Sylvester, obsessed with the dead woman. Thirsty for revenge, Syl vowed to get justice for his girl.

You have 45 minutes to escape before he finishes you all off. Will you make it out or will you pay for the mistake of your cousin?

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