Escape game The Heist[Closed]

Company: Riddle Room


Basement, Siddam Setty Complex, B18, 5th Block, Adugodi, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560095 ()

+91 95351 57638

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Word on the street is that master conman, art thief and famed forger codenamed “The Cloak” is plotting his final heist. A massive job, rumored to be one for the history books. The risk is high and so is the pay-off. So after months of careful consideration, The Cloak has deemed you lot the best of the best. But The Cloak is not generous with his trust. To prove yourselves truly worthy, you must successfully pass his test.

Retrieve the Shambhala Sceptre from eccentric art collector named M, The Cloak’s sworn nemesis. Of course, M hasn’t made it easy for people to find him, or his prized collection.

Can you and your crew track down M and infiltrate his hideout?

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