Escape game The Lost Capstone of Rameses[Closed]

Company: Riddle Room


No. 75, Silverwood Regency Apartment, Hosa Rd, Valliyamma Layout, Kasavanahalli, Karnataka 560035 ()

+91 95351 57638

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While digging in the Egyptian desert, archaeologist Jack Schofield stumbles upon what appears to be a piece of a prism. According to legend, the golden capstone, split into 5 pieces, held mysterious powers that were passed on to the pharaohs that found them.

Rameses – the last successful pharaoh of Egypt is rumoured to have taken it to his grave and many have spent their lives in search of the prism but in vain.

Having made it far enough, Schofield ropes in your team to help him navigate through the pharaoh’s tomb in search of the remaining pieces.

With just 45 minutes to the clock, will your team be able to locate the remaining pieces before the oxygen in the tomb slowly fades away leaving you sealed in for eternity?

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