Escape game The Haunted Hostel

Company: The Hidden Hour

Average Rating:

4.9 / 5

5+ reviews


E-29, Hauz Khas Main Market, New Delhi ()


Basement (Below Cafe Coffee Day)

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This is the infamous hostel known for paranormal activities. If stories are to be believed, one of the students committed suicide in Room No. 404 of the hostel three years back and something strange goes on in that room.

One night unluckily you are locked inside the hostel all alone and hear somebody calling your name from the same room. Freaked out, you dare to enter the room and find yourself locked in it. Weird lights, strange sounds, chilling experiences! There are 60 minutes to discover what happened and make your escape, lest you succumb to the terrors of the room.

Can you unravel its dark secret before it consumes you!!!

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