Escape game The Hurricane Room

Company: Lock N Escape


Aztec Towers, 6-3-249/6/1, 3rd Floor, Rd Number 1, beside Taj Krishna, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad, Telangana 500034 ()

+91 9121030033

Opposite City Centre Mall, same building as Tanishq and Titan on the ground floor. Use the lifts from the basement to go to the third floor.

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Experience being trapped in a situation where a huge hurricane is approaching and winds are getting stronger with time and you have to find a shelter from this hurricane before it reaches your location. Explore the beach and try to get into a cabin near the beach, which has a hidden shelter, which can give you this, much required shelter from the hurricane. Immerse yourself in this 4D-engaging atmosphere, which makes this mystery escape game a great adventure for everyone. Come and test your skills! Overview:- A hurricane is approaching and you are stranded on a beach. The winds are getting stronger and you have to find a safe place. Solve clues and puzzles to access the shelter. You can’t avoid the catastrophe but you can only hide away from it. You have 60 minutes before the hurricane hits you. Goals:- Your mission is to find clues and solve puzzles to get into a cabin at the beach where the winds are getting stronger as the hurricane is approaching and find a shelter inside the cabin to hide from this catastrophic hurricane.

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