Escape game Prison Heist

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Last month some of your Secret Agents Informed you that there was a smuggler who had hidden some Gold Treasure in this Particular Police Station Your Secret Agent Got a Clue and a Letter from the Smuggler stating about the Hidden Treasure.

Smuggler has asked the Secret Agents to Rob the Treasure and bring it to him and in return he offered to give 80% of the total Treasure and has also shared an Escape Route Map which will lead to a secret Escape Door out from the Prison.

You started planning this heist along with the agents since last month. But you didn’t get the Right time to Execute it.

Today is Republic Day, All the Police Officers are Busy and this is the Correct Time for the heist to be executed .

All the Officers will go for Flag Hosting for 1 Hour ,and this the golden opportunity to steal the Treasure and Escape From the Cell.

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