VR Walk on Plank VR

Company: VR Galaxy

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4.7 / 5

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#123, Basement, Nungambakkam High Road, Chennai, 600034, Tamil Nadu. ()

044 48500464, +91 95000 08280

Ispahani Centre

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Picture a game setting where you’re 5000 feet up in the air enjoying the scenic gratification of a balloon ride when suddenly, the canopy catches on fire! You’re in trouble. Your balloon’s on fire and all you can do to save your life is walk across a narrow wooden plank to an adjacent balloon! The whole gaming experience is centered around the simulation of vertigo paired with keeping your balance. Our devices do such a good job at simulating the game, that it may actually knock you off your feet. Don’t worry though, our gaming assistants will be right there to make sure that doesn’t happen and you keep on enjoying the magic of our gaming simulation!


Also available here: Mayajaal Multiplex 34, East Coast Road, Kanathur, Chennai 603112.

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