Escape game The Pirate Trap

Company: Clue Hunt

Average Rating:

5.0 / 5

3 reviews


207, 2nd Floor, Crystal Point Mall, Above Star Bazaar, Link Road Andheri West, Mumbai 400053. ()

+91 7045 260 378

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You are on your annual holiday in the Caribbean. While cruising one night, you suddenly hear a ruckus on your ferry “Ahoy, Mateys!”; the Pirate and his crew have come on board to take everyone hostage. They put you inside a room on their wooden ship and sail towards the Pirate’s Cove, which is an hour away.

Can you work effectively as a team and use your collective wits to escape from the locked room before the ship touches the shore in 60 minutes, or will you be grounded and forever stranded on the deserted island?

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