Escape game Jumanji

Company: Escapology

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R City Mall, Store Number - T34, Lal Bahadur Shastri Marg, Ghatkoper West; Mumbai - 400086, India ()

022-67085498; 022-67085497; 8879978888

Next to Indigo Deli Restaurant & Punjab Grill Restaurant

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You are chilling in Goa for the weekend. Early evening, strolling along the beach with your friends you notice a large box partly hidden behind a sand dune, its wet, it appears to have been washed ashore in the tide. The box is ornate carved wood, it seems to be very old. It is heavy and appears valuable, surely someone would not simply have abandoned it. Etched on to the front of the box is the word “JUMANJI’ Intrigued you decide to open the box, it is closed tight but slowly you prise open the lid! Inside you find an intricately painted board, there are dice and various pieces of wooden carvings, there is an hour glass, it’s a game!
On the inside of the lid is an inscription, written in a language you do not recognise but some words seem to be missing. Is this some kind of prank? you decide to play the game and therefore carry the box back to your resort. Back at the hotel, you remove the painted board and all of the pieces. There are no instructions so you simply roll the dice and at that point, the whole room is plunged in to darkness!

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